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Joel Berry
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Business Flyer For St. Thomas Mural Co.


2018 St. Thomas Elgin Public Artist Centre
Juried Exhibition "In View of the Artist"
Sept6 - Oct. 26th
3 Artworks now on display
Twilight on Queen St. W., Toronto - $960
Cadillac Lounge, Toronto - $1080
Civic Pharmacy, Ottawa, ON- $220

Albert St.,  Ottawa, ON (unfinished)
18 x 24
For sale

detail of
queen st. e. a spring evening 2017
link to 

Mural Painting

abstract 1 (untitled) -
16x20 inch
acrylic on canvas

Scene Magazine Article June 2016

"An London Diner" 2016    Acrylic on Masonite          

If you would like to purchase  remaining 9- 1/2"×15" color photo print of "An East London Diner", or  "An Aylmer, ON, Restaurant"   : Email: 

price: $20 

            Writing -July 2017 Update
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St. Thomas 2016 Arts Crawl - February 26th-27th 2016
St. Thomas 2015 Arts Crawl: February 27th-28th 2015

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